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industrie-de-nora-spa Via Bistolfi, 35 - 20134 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 02 21291
Fax: 02 21292425
Local branch employees: 50 to 249 staff
Employees in Italy: 50 to 249 staff
Average turnover - last three years: More than 50 Mill€
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Europe, Middle East, India, US, South America, Japan, China, other Countries

Design and construction of electrochemical plants for: chlorine, caustic soda, potash and derivatives production.
Supplier of activated electrodes, and electrochemical technologies for the following sectors: chlorination of swimming pools, waste water treatment, electronics, galvanizing industry, non ferrous metal electro winning, water electrolysis and redox flow batteries. Supplier of innovative, environment-friendly technologies that allow energy saving processes / productions in the electrochemical sector

Core business settings
Water, waste, renewable energies, energy efficiency, others

Technologies and Components
Water and waste water:
Purification plants (design, construction, operation and maintenance, marketing)
Drinking water plants (design, construction, operation and maintenance, marketing)
Other water treatment plants (design and construction of electrical chlorinators)
Renewable energies:
Special electrodes and catalytic coatings for alkaline water electrolysis and flow batteries (design, construction and maintenance, marketing);
Energy efficiency:
Special electrodes, catalytic coatings and design solutions for a wide range of electrochemical processes (design, construction and maintenance, marketing);