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siemens-spa-italia Via Piero E Alberto Pirelli 10 - 20126 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 02 24362431
Fax: 02 24362212
Local branch employees: More than 1000 staff
Employees in Italy: More than 1000 staff
Average turnover - last three years: More than 50 million euros
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy

Production, transmission and distribution of energy Other activities carried out in the industrial and IT sectors.

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Air, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Conventional energy

Technologies and Components
Purification plants, Drinking water plants, Water control and quality systems, Water turbines, Water filters, Decanters, Grilles, Other (automation components)
Burners, Other (automation components, medium and low voltage distribution)
Gas emission treatment plants, Air valves, Air pumps, Air turbines, Filters (dust reduction systems), Desulphurisation units, Electrostatic precipitators, Denox systems, Absorbers, Active carbon systems, Other (gas analysis systems)
Compensation boilers, Biomass / pellet boilers, High efficiency compressors, Solar heating systems, Lighting systems, High efficiency inverters, Electric motors, High efficiency fans
Other (inverters, medium voltage systems, balance of plants )
Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E
Class IE, Class IE1,Class IE, Class IE2,Class IE, Class IE3
Control systems for biomass plants, Turbines for biomass plants, Generators for biomass plants, Electric motors for biomass plants, Transformers for biomass plants, Other (balance of electrical plants)
Combined cycle power plants, Cogeneration plants, Coal-fired thermoelectric plants, Methane gas thermoelectric plants, Fuel oil thermoelectric plants
Turbines for conventional plants, Generators for conventional plants, Transformers for conventional plants, Control systems for conventional plants, Other (balance of electrical plants)

Technical consultancy on water, Other (project financing - export financing)
Technical consultancy on waste
Technical consultancy on air, Other (quality assurance EN Technical consultancy on air)
Technical consultancy on air
Technical consultancy on air
Technical consultancy on conventional energy