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seaside-srl Via Andrea Costa 165 - 40134 Bologna ( BO)
Telephone: 051 6141933
Local branch employees: From 10 to 19 staff
Employees in Italy: From 10 to 19 staff
Average turnover - last three years: From Euro 2 million to 5 million
Region: Emilia Romagna
Works in
Lombary Region, Rest of Italy

ESCO (Energy Service Company) operating in the field of energy efficiency

Core business settings
Energy Efficiency , Renewable Energy

Technologies and Components
Solar thermal
Windows and doors to reduce heat loss
High-efficiency inverters
electric engines
Lighting systems
Photovoltaic systems

Technical expertise for energy efficiency
Paperwork for Energy Efficiency
Technical advice for Renewable Energy
Monitoring for Renewable Energy
Paperwork ( VIA , DIAP , etc. ) for Renewable Energy