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saipem-spa Via Martiri di Cefalonia, 67 - 20097 S.Donato Milanese (MI)
Telephone: 02 5201
Fax: 02 5244415
Local branch employees: More than 1000 staff
Employees in Italy: More than 1000 staff
Average turnover - last three years: More than Euro 50 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy, European Union, North Africa, Middle East, India, China, other Countries

EPC Contractor Oil & Gas, environment and renewable energy

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Air, Land and reclamation, Outside noise, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy sources, Conventional energy sources

Technologies and Components
Purification plants, Drinking water plants
Waste to energy plants, Anaerobic digestion plants, Composting plants
Gas emission treatment plants
Planning and executing reclamation works, Setting up worksites, Managing reclamation works, Reclamation services
Noise reduction systems
Solar heating systems
Waste similar to solid urban waste, Solar photovoltaic plants, Geothermal plants, Vegetable oils / biofuels, Solar thermodynamic plants
Waste to energy plants, Anaerobic digestion plants
Photovoltaic plants
Geothermal plants
Hydroelectric plants, Turbines for hydroelectric plants, Valves for hydroelectric plants
Production of vegetable oils / biofuels, Sale of vegetable oils / biofuels, Distribution of vegetable oils / biofuels, Bureaucratic procedures, Production of raw materials
Tower plants, Linear parabolic collector plants, Circular parabolic collector plants, Linear Fresnel parabolic collector plants, Solar mirrors
Combined cycle power plants, Cogeneration plants, Methane gas thermoelectric plants

Technical consultancy on water, Bureaucratic procedures for water
Technical consultancy on waste, Bureaucratic procedures for waste, Waste transport, Waste storage, Waste disposal, Waste recovery
Technical consultancy on air, Bureaucratic procedures for air
Preliminary investigation and environmental monitoring, Risk assessment, Removal / treatment of materials ""in situ"", Removal / treatment of materials ""on site"", Removal / treatment of materials ""ex situ"", Bureaucratic procedures, Technical consultancy
Planning / running noise monitoring analysis plans, Preparing noise compliance plans, Studying / preparing noise zoning plans, Technical consultancy and/or analysis