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regas-srl via dell'innominato - 24053 Bergamo (Bergamo)
Local branch employees: Until 9 staff
Employees in Italy: From 50 to 249 staff
Average turnover - last three years: 5.000.001 € - 30.000.000 €
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy, Italy

Energy product and services

Core business settings
Renewable Energy

Technologies and Components
Geothermal plants, CDR production plants, Hydrogen (Fuel cells), Control systems for hydroelectric plants, Energy-recovery breakwaters, Photovoltaic solar, Thermodynamic solar, Fuel cells, Waste to energy control systems, Generators for wind power plants , Boilers for biomass plants, Generators for hydroelectric plants, Transformers for wind plants, Biomass plants, Linear parabolic collector plants, Waste-to-energy plants, Plants with submerged systems, Inverters for photovoltaic plants, Waste to energy generators, Valves for hydroelectric plants , Control systems for geothermal plants, Transformers for biomass plants, Hydroelectric plants, Tower plants, Wind, Geothermal, Photovoltaic plants, Generators for biomass plants, Control systems for wind plants, Plants exploiting tidal energy, Capture plants of landfill biogas, Turbines for plants hydroelectric plants, wind plants, transformers for geothermal plants, transformers for hydroelectric plants, transformers for photovoltaic plants, circular parabolic collector plants, control systems for biomass plants, plants using energy from the thermal gradient, biomass, solar mirrors, network collectors for biomass plants, Generators for geothermal plants, Plants with floating systems, Anaerobic digestion plants, Turbines for geothermal plants, Turbines for biomass plants, Plants that use osmosis energy, Plants that use current energy, Distribution of vegetable oils / biofuels, Hydroelectric , From the sea, Network manifolds for geothermal systems, Valves for geothermal systems, Valves for biomass systems, Oscillating water systems, Waste to energy transformers, Linear parabolic Fresnel collector systems