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quotidia-spa P.le Polenghi, 2 - 26845 Codogno (LO)
Telephone: 393 0942494
Local branch employees: From 10 to 19 staff
Employees in Italy: From 10 to 19 staff
Average turnover - last three years: From Euro 30 million to 50 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region mainly, but also in many other Italian Regions and in other Countries (i.e. Jamaica)

Installation of photovoltaic plants, O&M (Operation and Maintenance) for photovoltaic plants, analysis and implementation of energy efficiency strategies.

Core business settings
Renewable energy (Photovoltaics) and Energy efficiency (Lighting design with LED technologies)

Technologies and Components
Technical components for Photovoltaic plants
Inverters for photovoltaic plants
Photovoltaic panels
Transformers for photovoltaic plants
Energy efficiency components (LED illumination technologies)
Technical components for operation and maintenance activities

Technical consultancy on photovoltaic plants
Monitoring for photovoltaic plants
Bureaucratic procedures (VIA, DIAP, etc.) for photovoltaic plants
Technical consultancy on Energy efficiency strategies (lighting analysis for optimization of energy expenses)