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Pro Iter Ambiente S.r.l.

pro-iter-ambiente-s-r-l Via G.B. Samrnartini n.5 - 20125 Milano (Mi)
Telephone: 02 92853265
Fax: 02 92853266
Local branch employees: From 10 to 19 staff
Employees in Italy: From 10 to 19 staff
Average turnover - last three years: Up to Euro 2 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region

Environmental Engineering, Remediation, Certification Systems Environment and Energy

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Air, Soil and remediation, external noise, energy efficiency, energy from renewable sources, energy from conventional sources

Technologies and Components
sewage treatment plants
waste to energy plants of anaerobic digestion plants
Systems of landfill biogas collection
screening plants
inerting systems
gaseous emissions treatment plants
activated carbon systems (abatement systems furans, dioxins, etc.).
Design and remediation
construction site construction
Management of remediation
Preliminary survey and environmental monitoring
risk assessment
Removals / Material Handling "in situ" (in place without moving soil)
Removals / Material Handling "on site" (on site with ground handling)
Removals / materials treatment "ex situ" (off site)
technical consultancy
Noise abatement systems
technical components for measurement / insulation / acoustic impact mitigation
biomass plant
Wind farm
hydropower plants

Preparation of noise action plans
Studio / processing of acoustic zoning plans
Advice and / or techniques on the noise analysis
paperwork for Energy Efficiency
technical consultancy for energy efficiency
paperwork for lcaldaie biomass
technical consulting for biomass boilers
technical advice for solar thermal systems
technical consulting for biomass
Monitoring for biomass
paperwork (VIA, SLIDES, etc.) for biomass
technical consultancy for wind power
Monitoring for wind power
paperwork (VIA, SLIDES, etc.) for wind energy
technical advice on waste to energy
technical advice for hydropower
Monitoring for hydropower
burogratiche practices for hydropower
technical consultants on Conventional Energy
Monitoring for Conventional Energy
paperwork (VIA, SLIDES, etc.) for conventional energy