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nitrolchimica-spa Via Monferrato, 118 - 20098 S.Giuliano Milanese (MI)
Telephone: 02982111
Fax: 0298281795
Local branch employees: From 10 to 19 staff
Employees in Italy: From 10 to 19 staff
Average turnover - last three years: From Euro 2 million to 5 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy, Countries in the European Union, Serbia, North Africa, other Countries.

Recovery and treatment of hazardous and non hazardous industrial waste. Regeneration and sale of solvents and MPS

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Air

Technologies and Components
Other (Polluted waste water treatment, separation and extraction of solvent-based pollutants)
Recycling plants (Operation and maintenance), Sorting plants, Shredding plants, Other (Desiccators and distilling columns)
Air valves, Air pumps, Filters (dust reduction systems), Denox systems, Other (Cryogenic system)

Bureaucratic procedures for water, Other
Technical consultancy on waste, Bureaucratic procedures for waste, Waste storage, Waste disposal, Waste recovery, Other (sale of recovered solvent - ferrous - plastic products; Consultancy on waste management environmental norms)
Bureaucratic procedures for air