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greenb-srl Via Harar 7 - 20153 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 0236537320
Local branch employees: Up to 9 staff
Employees in Italy: Up to 9 staff
Average turnover - last three years: Up to Euro 2 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy

Importing and marketing semi-finished bamboo and reeds of various species of structures in bio-architecture design and furnishing accessories and objects from natural material

Core business settings
Air, land and reclamation, environmentally friendly products

Technologies and Components
Building modules of ventilated walls for optimal insulation , energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
promotion of bamboo plantation in water purification and hydrogeological
(By the audit of the soil conditions and microclimate in the supply of plants with research and monitoring protocols and support to farmers' network) by structures designed structural bamboo on demand or within infill raw land or terrapaglia
- The research and development of materials for green architecture and green building (in particular with the use of bamboo)
- The design and manufacture of collections of furnishings and objects destined for e- commerce or traditional sales on the Italian market and for export.