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gfm-net-srl Via Ovada 35/B - 20142 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 02 89181349
Fax: 02 89181349
Local branch employees: Up to 9 staff
Employees in Italy: Up to 9 staff
Average turnover - last three years: Up to Euro 2 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy

Software engineering company that specialises in energy management solutions

Core business settings
Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Conventional energy

Other Energy efficiency (Monitoring performance, consumption and functionality for: boilers, compressors, solar heating systems, fan coils, lighting systems, inverters, electric motors, heat pumps, air treatment units (UTA), fans)
Monitoring for marine energy
Monitoring for renewable energy
Monitoring for vegetable oils / biofuels
Monitoring for photovoltaic plants
Monitoring for geothermal plants
Monitoring for thermodynamic plants
Monitoring for biomass
Monitoring for energy from conventional sources
Monitoring for energy from renewable sources
Monitoring for wind energy
Monitoring for hydroelectric plants
Monitoring for waste to energy
Monitoring for hydrogen