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Energy for Sustainable Developmen (E4SD)

energy-for-sustainable-developmen-e4sd Corso Indipendenza 5 - 20129 Milano (Milano)
Telephone: 3297370833
Local branch employees: Up to 9 staff
Employees in Italy: Up to 9 staff
Average turnover - last three years: Up to Euro 2 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in

E4SD is an innovative start-up founded by a team of Senior Managers, with a long experience in important multinational companies. It operates in the sectors of the Green Economy (renewable energy, waste and water treatment, etc.) and of circular economy (smart agriculture) with its own development models. He works in the development of new technologies (even with his own patents), as a Business Developer and as an operator E.P.C. (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) realizes its plant engineering solutions in line with customer requirements in both developing and industrialized countries.

Core business settings
Renewable Energy, Waste, Water

Technologies and Components
Biomass plants, wind farms, landfill biogas collection plants, water quality control systems, fuel cells, hydroelectric plants, hydrogen (fuel cells), solar mirrors, solar photovoltaics, thermodynamic solar, wind power plants, digestion plants anaerobics, Photovoltaic systems, Hydropower, Photovoltaic panels, Water pumps, Composting plants, Waste-to-energy plants, Boilers for biomass plants, Water treatment plants, Recycling plants, Generators for wind farms, Biomass, Wastewater treatment plants

Technical advice on waste to energy, Technical advice for photovoltaics, Technical advice for vegetable oils / biofuels, Technical advice for hydropower, Monitoring for photovoltaics, Technical advice for biomass, Technical advice for geothermal, Technical advice on waste. Technical consultancy for wind energy, Technical consultancy for renewable energy, Technical consultancy for thermodynamic