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ALASCOM Services srl

alascom-services-srl Via Giovanni da Procida 14 - 20149 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 0298128535
Fax: 0289268533
Local branch employees: From 20 to 49 staff
Employees in Italy: From 50 to 249 staff
Average turnover - last three years: 5.000.001 € - 30.000.000 €
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy, European Union, North Africa, Middle East, China, Angola, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique

Alascom is an engineering company that develops special projects in the technological field with a consolidated experience in the IOT field for the development of end to end solutions, from field surveys to analytics systems. In the green field it has developed solutions for waste management, monitoring air / water, sustainable transport and energy efficiency

Core business settings
Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Waste, Sustainable Mobility, Conventional Energies, Water, Air

Technologies and Components
Control systems for: Geothermal plants, solar thermal systems, biomass plants, wind power plants, Recycling plants, Technological networks for telecommuting implementation.
Control systems for conventional systems, Lighting systems (Class A), Waste to energy control systems, Control systems for hydroelectric plants, Control systems and water/air quality, Technological tools for company car pooling development, High efficiency inverters

Advice on mobility management and/or fleet management, Monitoring for photovoltaics, Monitoring for vegetable oils / biofuels, Monitoring for conventional energies, Monitoring for wind energy, Technical advice on waste to energy, Monitoring for hydroelectric, Monitoring for renewable energy, Technical advice for renewable energy