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accenture-spa Via Quadrio 17 - 20154 Milano (MI )
Telephone: 02 77751111
Fax: 02 777699999
Local branch employees: More than 1000 staff
Employees in Italy: More than 1000 staff
Average turnover - last three years: More than Euro 50 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy, European Union, Turkey, North Africa, Middle East, India, China, other Countries

Consultancy services, technological innovation, technology transfers, outsourcing

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Air, Land and reclamation, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy sources, Conventional energy sources

Technologies and Components
Reclamation services
Solar heating systems, Electric motors, High efficiency heat pumps
Other (Consultancy and services for solar investments and due diligence, plant management, remote monitoring and call centre, Collectors for solar heating systems, Regulation systems for solar heating plants)
Wind power, Waste similar to urban solid waste, Solar photovoltaic systems, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Vegetable oils / biofuels, Thermodynamic solar power, Hydrogen
Combined cycle power plants, Cogeneration plants, Coal-fired thermoelectric plants, Methane gas thermoelectric plants

Other (EPC services, predictive maintenance monitoring, plant management, selecting technologies, feasibility studies).
Other (EPC, selecting technologies, feasibility studies, plant management, predictive maintenance monitoring)
Other (policies and regulations, solutions and strategies for climate change and clean energy: nuclear solutions, smart meeting processes and screening technologies, smart grids, mobility and air pollution, patents, IP, technology transfers.)
Other (consultancy and services for managing environmental heritage)
Other (consultancy and scouting for new biofuel technologies)
Other (consultancy, IP, technology transfers for all plants)