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a2a-spa Corso Porta Vittoria 4 - 20121 Milano (MI)
Telephone: 02 77201
Fax: 02 77203920
Local branch employees: From 250 to 999 staff
Employees in Italy: More than 1000 staff
Average turnover - last three years: More than Euro 50 million
Region: Lombardy
Works in
Lombardy Region, Rest of Italy, European Union, other Countries

Generation, sales and distribution of electricity; sales and distribution of gas; generation, distribution and sales of heat via district heating systems; waste management (collection and sweeping, treatment, disposal and recycling of material using Waste to energy or biogas plants); integrated water management

Core business settings
Water, Waste, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Conventional energy

Technologies and Components
Purification plants, Drinking water plants, Water control and quality systems, Water valves, Water pumps, Water turbines, Water filters, Decanters, and Grilles.
Waste to energy plants, Anaerobic digestion plants, Dumpsite biogas capturing plants, Composting plants, Recycling plants, Screening plants, Shredding plants, Inerting plants, Burners, Feeders and conveyor belts, Combustion grilles.
Compensation boilers, Biomass/pellet boilers, High efficiency compressors, Solar heating systems, High efficiency fan coils, Lighting systems, High efficiency inverters, Joinery to reduce heat loss, Energy efficiency materials for building, Electric motors, High efficiency heat pumps, High efficiency air treatment units (UTA), High efficiency fans
Solar heating systems, Collectors for solar heating systems, Boilers for solar heating systems, Regulation systems for solar heating systems
Lighting systems: Class B, Class C, Class D, Class E, Class F, Class G.
Electric motors: Class IE1, Class IE2, Class IE3, Class IE4.
Biomass, Wind power plants, Assimilable solid urban waste, Photovoltaic solar power plants, Geothermal power plants, Hydro-electric power plants, Vegetable/bio-fuel oils, Thermodynamic solar power plants, Hydrogen
Biomass systems, Boilers for biomass systems, Valves for biomass systems, Network collectors for biomass systems, Network fans for biomass systems, Control systems for biomass systems, Turbines for biomass systems, Generators for biomass systems, Electric motors for biomass systems, Transformers for biomass systems
Other (wind power plants)
Waste to energy systems, Anaerobic digestion systems, CDR production plants, Dumpsite biogas capturing plants, Waste to energy generators, Waste to energy control systems, Waste to energy transformers
Photovoltaic power plants, Photovoltaic panels, Inverters for photovoltaic power plants, Transformers for photovoltaic power plants
Geothermal power plants, Turbines for geothermal power plants, Valves for geothermal power plants, Network collectors for geothermal power plants, Fans for geothermal power plants, Control systems for geothermal power plants, Generators for geothermal power plants, Transformers for geothermal power plants
Hydroelectric power plants, Turbines for hydroelectric power plants, Valves for hydroelectric power plants, Control systems for hydroelectric power plants, Generators for hydroelectric power plants, Transformers for hydroelectric power plants
Other (vegetable oil)
Other (solar thermodynamic)
Combined cycle power plants, Cogeneration power plants, Coal thermoelectric power plants, Methane thermoelectric power plants, Fuel oil thermoelectric power plants
Turbines for conventional power plants, Boilers for conventional power plants, Generators for conventional power plants, Transformers for conventional power plants, Control systems for conventional power plants

Water related technical consultancy, Water related bureaucratic procedures
Conventional energies technical consultancy, Monitoring for conventional energies, Bureaucratic procedures for conventional energies